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CANTADA is the second album of Quintetto Nigra, a cappella vocal group that combines the popular tradition of the repertoire with the cultured music of the performance, hints of jazz and opera quotations. Strengthened by this eclectic spirit, the Quintet presents songwriter's songs "in language" more or less known, up to quotations by Rossini and Verdi. There are also songs of the Italian and Piedmontese tradition, with some “beyond the border” episodes. A repertoire enriched by arrangements of great finesse and inventiveness and vocal interpretations of extraordinary ability.

Quintetto Nigra is a cappella vocal group of composite formation: the voices are combined both of musicians who have consolidated their experience in the area of traditional music, in groups active in the rediscovery and enhancement of Piedmontese music, both musicians who come from the field of classical music. The name of the group is a recognition to Costantino Nigra (1818-1907), a Risorgimento statesman, but also a scholar who was the first to dedicate himself to the collection and study of the heritage of Piedmontese folk songs. The contaminations are part of the DNA of Quintetto Nigra.
In this second album, which follows "Sonno Fortunato", we want to reiterate, between the serious and the facetious, the love for polyphonic composition, here interwoven with original dialogues, jazz hints, opera citations.
CANTADA has as its common thread the re-proposal of songwriters’ songs "in language", more or less known: from Carlin Porta and Devis Longo (Cantada), to Francesco Saettone (Ca da Rat), Giovanni D'Anzi (O mia bela Madunina ), up to quotes by Gioacchino Rossini and Giuseppe Verdi : the latter, certainly, not far from popular music.
There are also Italian and Piedmontese music with some episodes "beyond the border" to tell about loves, ideals, the passing of time, poverty, the joys and pains of life; themes that are always current and perfectly understandable by our human sensitivity. The variety of arrangements makes listening exciting, and music and words come together in an almost madrigal flavor of great emotional impact. CANTADA also boasts two valuable guests as well as dear friends:
Ciacio Marchelli, the great voice of Piedmont, performs with us the well-known ballad that opens the album (La Pastora Fedele) and, in closing, a funny piece (La Magna Danda) restored by Devis Longo in a hypothetical Piedmontese tavern, between grimaces, lazzi, opera and blues quotes.
Here Ciacio duets with Alberto Milesi, authoritative musician and former choir artist of the Teatro alla Scala, who for the occasion lends himself to playing a passionate amateur singer.
Alberto also sings O mia bela Madunina, "national anthem" of Milan, a small tribute to our record producer.
The presence of Ciacio and Alberto allowed us to add color to our timbre palette, in a divertissement dedicated to the ear and the heart: “Il concetto vi dissi, or ascoltate com’ egli è svolto. Andiam, incominciate!” ( R. Leoncavallo - Pagliacci, Prologue).

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QUINTETTO NIGRA - Bella Ciao - il singolo
QUINTETTO NIGRA - Sonno fortunato


La pastora fedele 5.21
“Perché, ad esempi …” 1.01
Ca da rat 3.54
La batelière 2.26
Tris di maggi 6.21
“Ma dài …” 0.41
O mia bela Madunina 3.12
La sounallera 3.03
Bella ciao 4.31
Chansoun di espouse 3.49
Les plaisirs sont doux 8.36
“Buonasera, mi fa un caffè? …” 2.03
La magna Danda 5.18
Cantada 2.06


Maria Teresa Nesci - voice
Maria Adelaide Negrin - voice
Giulia Marasso - voice
Devis Longo - voice
Lorenzo Cescotti - voice

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