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Birkin Tree - Five Seasons
Birkin Tree
Five Seasons

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FIVE SEASONS is the new album by BIRKIN TREE, since 1982 unquestionably the best Irish music group in Italy. The album was born from the special collaboration with Aoife Ní Brhíain, star of the Irish violin, who worked as a member of the band in all the tracks. There are five irresistible and fiery instrumentals, where the soloists can express all their skill. There are five moving songs based on the dialogue between the female presences in the band. The love for Irish music and the skill of execution create stories, colors and atmospheres that underline the richness and depth of a timeless musical repertoire.

Nine years have passed since the release of the last album Virginia (Felmay fy 8164), and finally the BIRKIN TREE are ready to present their latest album FIVE SEANSONS, the fifth to be precise.
In the intervening period the musicians have further deepened the study, research and reflection on the musical language of the Irish tradition thanks to the intense collaborations with famed musicians such as Martin Hayes, Mick O’Brien, Niamh Parsons, Caitlinn Nic Gowan ed Aoife Nì Briain .
Thanks to the particular collaboration with Aoife that it’s born this latest album, which includes the presence of this star of the Irish violin in all the tracks on the disc.
The violinist worked as a member of the band giving all her musical contribution, intended as reflection, taste and sensitivity, to the production of each track.
A record with a full and profound Irish sound takes shape, dedicated both to the finest instrumentals and to the great magic of the vocal repertoire.
The fantastic Aoife’s violin joins Michel Balatti's flute and Fabio Rinaudo's uilleann pipes as a whole or in other spaces where soloists can best express their way of making music, performing march, reel & all related to the Green Island tradition.
The result is a very cohesive sound and at the same time respectful of the language and style of each instrument. The only original composition is a slow waltz composed by Fabio entitled "The Final Farewell", a sweet and evocative track.
The harmonic and rhythmic aspect comes mainly from the guitar of Claudio De Angeli, assisted in some moments by the harp of Elena Spotti and by the bodhran of Ivan Berto.
The songs are presented by the enchanting voice of Laura Torterolo, who with her sweet and evocative tone performs five beautiful ballads with full respect for the Irish style. In two you will hear it duet with Giorgio Profetto, a pillar of the Birkin Tree of the times of "A Cheap Present".
A particular moment of great charm is the song "May Morning Dew", learned from Mick O ’Brien (fabulous piper and father of Aoife), based on a close musical dialogue between the wonderful female presences in the band.
A disc where the love for Irish music is expressed through different stories, colors and atmospheres trying to make the listener participate, with the hope that he can share with the musicians the richness and depth of this fascinating musical repertoire.

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BIRKIN TREE - A Cheap Present
BIRKIN TREE - A Cheap Present
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Birkin Tree - Five Seasons
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The Boys of 25 4.34
Donal Og 4.26
The Lady’s Cup of Tea 6.20
The May Morning Dew 5.19
The Dawn Chorus 4.49
Lonely Waterloo 5.49
King of Laois 9.59
Paddy’s Green Shamrock Shore 4.32
The Final Farewell 5.21
Molly Malone 4.59


Michel Balatti - flutes, whistles
Claudio De Angeli - guitar, banjo
Aoife Ní Bhríain - fiddle
Fabio Rinaudo - uillean pipes, whistles
Laura Torterolo - lead vocals
Guests :
Ivan Berto - bodhran
Giorgio Profetto - backing vocals
Elena Spotti - harp

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