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The CD collects the most significant Alberto N.A.Turra’s compositions accompanying moving images (movies, documentaries, films, short films, ballet) spanning among, various musical genres. A confirmation of the Milanese artist eclecticism

Music, as soundtrack accompanying images for motion pictures,
plays or ballet, is an aspect of the Alberto Turra’s production which has being going for fifteen years and now has found the way to be collected. During a year in which two significant film-documentaries, the docu-fiction by Francesco Fei Giovanni Segantini: Ritorno alla natura starring Filippo Timi, and The Origins of Music by Mexican directors Daniel Arvizu and S. A. Madrigal,
have seen the light.
Felmay, a label Turra has forged an important partnership with in recent years concerning his projects, such as Turbogolfer, Mamud Band and Nippon Eldorado, decides to take a representative look at the work of the guitarist-composer devoted to the Seventh Art. Here how Turra describes this selection:
Fifteen years of commissioned music doesn’t give you immediately the chance to seek a congruence in listening outside the work music itself was written for. It’s not for sure that this music has the power to be heard out of context and it’s even less obvious that the chosen songs, coming from worlds so apart from each others, could be able to form a proper playlist for an album. For this reason, the selection was technically and emotionally a nightmare: technically for the huge quantity of music and emotionally for the story. I mean that when you write for a movie you’re actually trying to accomplish the director’s sound imagination. You’re supposed concretize his imagination, you have to do that. That’s the reason why I’ve quite always had the feeling that many tracks were created by, at least, two people, even in those cases which the songs were written long before the conception of the film. It seems a nonsense, but when the director, hearing that old song of yours, says it’s perfect! happens a special and disturbing thing. Your song is about to experience a re-birth thank to a brand new meaning and you stand there trying to remember what you were thinking when you wrote it. In two cases (Dustin and Trevor) I have therefore taken the liberty to testify also the inverse dynamics, the moment
when your songs you think are the keys of the work, at the end
are not even included in the film!.

* Daniel B. Arvizu, director/artist photographer about working with Turra says: For The Origins Of Music, Alberto has done much more of compositions, arrangements and extraordinary performances. It created an entire dimension. He gave the project an authentic musical space, which far exceeded what we could imagine. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him.

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