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A year after their first CD Passepartout - Canzoni d'amore (Love Songs) here is the new ORCHESTRA COCÒ‘s album, Hot Club, a confirmation of the artistic evolution of the group.
The tracklist includes several American classics in their original version, in English, or in the Italian rendition plus several Italian Swing Era evergreens of 40s & 50s. Noteworthy two original penned by the band, two songs that fits with the rest of the program in a very natural way.

ORCHESTRA COCÒ is back one year after Passepartout – Canzoni d’amore (Love Songs) with a new CD, Hot Club, which marks a natural evolution of the group. The year between the two works was indeed very intense, characterized by numerous concerts and important meetings such as the one with Lollo Meyer and Andy Aitchison or the one with Giorgio Conte, host in the present CD.
The trio, as you can hear in 18 tracks, reached a maturation of his style, now unmistakable theirs. Reading the tracklist of Hot Club, you can immediately notice that the number of American songs is more conspicuous than in the previous work. As can be seen from the title we wanted to explore what came to us from the States: Cheek to Cheek, I Know Why, It Never Entered My Mind, Sweet Lorraine, Blue Skyes, Starway To The Stars,... . ORCHESTRA COCÒ borrows heavily from classic repertoire of Nat King Cole and the great American crooners. Continuity with Passepartout is evident in the repertoire sung in Italian.
The opening track, where the vocals of Lucio Villani become gradually the enthusiastic Mamma mi piace il ritmo, is another tribute to Natalino Otto and marks the main intention of the trio, which is to emphasize the importance of 'European reception at the American swing. And it is the desire to reveal what lives on the other side of the ocean the one that moves Cristoforo Columbo in Voglio scoprir l'America (I want to discover America), a song that is also a manifesto for Hot Club. Imagine what you could hear it if the Quintet of the «Hot Club De France» had played with Nat King Cole and Natalino Otto?
ORCHESTRA COCO has done for you. The result is Ricordati Ragazzo,(Nature Boy) sung in Italian as Natalino Otto did. The trio goes even further relies on the collaboration of Andrea Belli to translate from French and record a completely original version in the text of Melodie au Crepuscole that reminds us how Django Reinhardt remains the main inspiration of our COCÒ.
Also in Italian are the portrait of a carefree bohemian in Camminando sotto la pioggia, few lines of Cheek to Cheek, borrowed always Natalino Otto, who sang with his wife Flo Sandon's, who over the years also inspired Nat King Cole . Then again a particular version, also in Italian of My Favorite Things. Deserves a special mention, Gne Gne. For some time the song of the singer Giorgio Conte, came spontaneously to the repertoire COCO and it is presented here with the composer.
In Porto Cabello, little known song by Django, Creni can give his best and the trio will continue to operate in the manner in which it was born, playing manouche style with an original interpretation but with respect for tradition.
Continuing to read the tracklist of Hot Club, there are still two songs in Italian. Their story, however, is very recent. These are two original compositions penned by the COCÒs in which the trio for the first time open to original compositions, but we feel they fit very well in the entire program and maintain a continuity with the past. Closes the album a tribute to Macario, it is an affectionate greeting to the public that closes the concerts of the Orchestra.

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