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GATTAMOLESTA are unquestionably among the best (power) folk groups recently emerged on the Italian scene. Czeleste - their third recording experience follows their LP Pesci, I pani e gli esemplari and the album Alla festa del brigante - is a living proof of their excellence. It is of course an atypical folk style, irregular and bizarre, that takes into account and interacts with the sounds of the world, rightly done in our time. The group members come from Forlì, a city that saw them move the first steps in 2006.
Their music mingled immediately in the streets, choosing instinctively a direct contact with the public rather than sitting in a recording studio. An exceptionally good way to prove themselves and assess the strength of a song and grasp in real time the emotional answer of the listeners. So, from an open air square to another, from a small village feast to Buskers fair of Barcelona and the podiums of jazz festivals, GATTAMOLESTA has built a reputation of a cheerful and overwhelming band.
Andrea Gatta is the leading man and founder of the group. Singer and guitarist of undeniable appeal, thanks to his magnetism he can easily entrap the audience immediately. To complete the quartet are excellent musicians such as Nicolò Fiori - doublebass, Jader Nonni - drums and Luigi Flocco- accordion.
If friends and guests are always present during live shows, the same happens in Czeleste, where we can hear the trumpeter Eusebio Martinelli, Aleksandar Rajkovic flugelhorn and Fabrizio "Biccio" Benevelli on saxophones and clarinets. The sound of GATTAMOLESTA is alive and pulsating right from the titles : Estasiatica-Exstasiatic, Polka punk, Boia Giuda Criminale-Bloody Bastard Criminal.
In the tunes, all original and signed by the front man, it is perceived strong and clear, at an instrumental level, the fascination for the thousands tones of Balkan music both past and present (Bregovic, Kusturica, Gogol Bordello), and in general the strong influence of Gypsy aesthetics.
The lyrics, strictly in Italian, indicate the effort towards overcoming the Italian songwriting clichés, by introducing surreal, irony and strong sentiments soaked verses, following a line that travels from Tom Waits arriving to Vinicio Capossela. It’s a chant of freedom, that one set out by GATTAMOLESTA, which testifies how music can still be lived, even in the new icy digital age, in a simple yet swarming with humanity form.

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Andrea Gatta - voice
Nicolò Fiori - doublebass
Jader Nonni - drums
Luigi Flocco- accordion

Eusebio Martinelli - trumpet
Aleksandar Rajkovic - flugelhorn
Fabrizio "Biccio" Benevelli - saxophones, clarinets


from the CD "Pracina Stomp"
07 December 2019 - h:20.00
Mandol'in Progress
"The Dark Side of the Mandolin"

St. Andrew's St. Baptist Church
St. Andrew's Street
Cambridge - UK

14 December 2019 - h:20.30
Karsilama European tour

Kultur Punkt!,
allerstrasse 13,
9230 Flawil - Switzerland

15 December 2019 - h:17.00
Tre Martelli "Christmas Concert"
special guest Gianni Coscia

Teatro Ambra
Viale Brigata Ravenna 8
Alessandria - Italy

20 December 2019 - h:19.30
Tre Martelli
Sala Polifunzionale
Via Bologna
Bresso (MI) - Italy

22 December 2019 - h:17.00
Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo
showcase new album "Pracina Stomp"

Piazza Zanardelli
Chiari (BS) - Italy

23 December 2019 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piper's Night
Apricale (IM) - Italy

28 December 2019 - h:21.00
Paolo Bonfani & Martino Coppo
showcase new album "Pracina Stomp"

Rebora Festival
Enoteca di Ovada e del Monferrato
Ovada (AL) - Italy

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