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TANGO NEGRO TRIO (Juan Carlos Caceres / Carlos Buschini / Marcelo Russillo) - La Vuelta del Malon
TANGO NEGRO TRIO (Juan Carlos Caceres / Carlos Buschini / Marcelo Russillo)
La Vuelta del Malon

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La Vuelta del Malon is the TANGO NEGRO TRIO’s new chapter. Conceived by pianist, vocalist and composer Juan Carlos Caceres, with  “El Tero” Buschini and Marcelo Russillo, the trio expand his encyclopedic “alternative” history of tango, a body of work he is restlessly building since 1968, the year in which he moved from his native Buenos Aires to Paris.

 A rebel figure, a musician who is never satisfied with tradition, and in every occasion tries to clean it up from misleading encrustations. Caceres is back again with TANGO NEGRO TRIO. It is formed by the fellow Argentinian Carlos “El Tero” Buschini, bass player and composer, who has collaborated with the major Latin American artists (Flaco Biondini, Luis Agudo, Gustavo Ovalles, Javier Girotto) and in several prominent  bands (Los Angeles Negros, Los Tambores del Sur, Cordoba Reunion, Horizons Quartet, World Tango Project, Cuarteto Nuevo Tango), by the Uruguayan percussionist Marcelo Russillo, a brilliant instrumentalist, who has played, among others, with Julien Lourau, Norberto Pedreira, Minino Gary and  Enrico Rava, besides boasting a permanent artistic relationship with the renowned Dino Saluzzi.

In the liner notes, Caceres himself  declares that with La Vuelta del Malon he wants to update the cultural traditions still present in the region of the Rio De La Plata estuary. Consistently with his programme, the recording starts with Que paso, a track with a sharp beat, made more infectious by the soprano saxophone of Javier Girotto, proving that Tango has an African soul which has to be rediscovered and brought to light. The same happens with Murga del atardeces, where the popular roots mix with the inventive jazz structures of Caceres's piano. Particular attention deserves the voice of Caceres, who also in the dreamier and more melancholic tracks like Gris, is harsh and in contrast with the context. No te mueras nunca (later reprised for solo piano) ironically quotes the story of Diego Armando Maradona. There are also a couple of live tracks (La casita de mis viejos and Quedate piola), recorded in Italy in 2005. David Pecetto is the  bandoneon and accordion player present in the album. The fiery, rootsy and inspired music of La Vuelta del Malon will allow those who still did not know about it, to penetrate into the mysteries of the “dark side” of tango.

TANGO NEGRO TRIO (Juan Carlos Caceres / Carlos Buschini / Marcelo Russillo) from Felmay Shop


La Vuelta del Malon

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