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Semper Viv

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For those who appreciated the TRE MARTELLI's last two records Omi e Paiz (1995) and Car Der Steili (2000), this bulky, highly eclectic anthology culling the best tracks from their previous five (no longer available) albums constitutes an essential addition to their discography as well as a valuable point of entry to the tradition of southern Piedmont.
On the scene for some 25 years now, the TRE MARTELLI have patiently reconstructed the folk music heritage of the geographical triangle between Monferrato, Langhe and Alessandrino, gathering together a huge repertoire of drinking songs, ballads, instrumentals and dance music from walzes to polkas. The group's ethnomusicological research, as well as being a model of scholarly precision and efficacy, also stands as a heartfelt acknowledgement of those whose testimonies have enabled them to put together a corpus of oral documents of great value, once again giving substance to a collective memory that seems to be fading inexorably from the lives of rural Piedmont communities.
Throughout its 29 tracks (some of which have never before been recorded and feature prestigious guest musicians the likes of jazzman Antonello Salis, the Canadian bagpipe player Robert Amyot and Guido Antoniotti on 'alpine' percussion) "Semper Viv" retraces the various stages of the TRE MARTELLI's lives and artistic career, beginning with their first self-produced recording, 1978's Danza di luglio and going up to their 1991 album Bruzè Carvé, featuring top musicians such as Gianni Coscia, Rod Stradling and Russel Jones. In between times, the history of the group, founded by Lorenzo Boioli, Renzo Ceroni and Enzo Conti with numerous line-up changes along the way, has been marked by three other important albums, Trata Birata (1982) with Bernadette Da Dalt guesting on vocals, Giacu Trus (1985), introducing the powerful voice of Vincenzo "Ciacio" Marchelli, who would become a fixed member of the group from 1988, and lastly The Tempest (1987) featuring the aforementioned Gianni Coscia, among others.
The TRE MARTELLI's formidable reputation is also in no small part due to their intensive live calendar, during which they've been able to unite the sheer pleasure of playing with their philological research, uncovering forgotten long tunes buried under the weight of years 25 years of hopping between past and present have made the TRE MARTELLI one of the most fertile and representative groups on the Italian folk music scene.

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from CD Ye Katama Hod
23 August 2017
Festival arts de rues,

24 August 2017
Festival arts de rues,

25 August 2017
Festival arts de rues,

01 September 2017 - h:21.00
Palazzina Liberty
Stresa (VB) - Italy

02 September 2017 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Piazza Battisti
Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) - Italy

03 September 2017 - h:21.30
Yo Yo Mundi
L'ultima luna d'estate
Villa Greppi
Monticello Brianza (LC) - Italy

03 September 2017 - h:21.00
Liguriani e Silvio Riolfo Marengo
"Musica e poesia ligure"
Oratorio di Santa Maria Maggiore
Via San Nicolò
Albisola Superiore (SV)

04 September 2017 - h:21.30
Tre Martelli
Carmagnola (TO)- Italy

07 September 2017 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Oratorio di San Sebastiano
Quiliano (SV) fraz. Valleggia

09 September 2017 - h:20.45
I Violini di Santa Vittoria
Piazzale della Biblioteca
Preganziol (TV) - Italy

15 September 2017 - h:21.00
Yo Yo Mundi
Cool Tour
Rovato (BS) - Italy

16 September 2017 - h:21.30
Tre Martelli
Casale M. (AL) - Italy

16 September 2017 - h:21.30
Yo Yo Mundi
II Festa Anpi
Pavia - Italy

17 September 2017
Quintetto Nigra
"Folkermesse Festival"
Casale Monferrato (AL)- Italy

30 September 2017 - h:21.30
Melech Mechaya
Forum Romeu Correia
Almada - Portugal

01 October 2017
Cherasco, fiera

12 October 2017 - h:20.00
Blaue Haus Doellnitz
Kasendorf - Germany

13 October 2017 - h:20.00
Kulturhammer e.v.
Thierstein - Germany

14 October 2017 - h:20.00
Gasthaus “Zum Roten Ochsen”
Rechberghausen - Germany

15 October 2017 - h:20.00
Esslingen am Neckar - Germany

27 October 2017 - h:20.30
Rätschenmühle e.V. Geislingen Schlachthausstraße 22
Geislingen - Germany

28 October 2017 - h:20.30
Feuerschloesschen Bad Honnef
Bad Honnef - Germany

04 November 2017 - h:21.30
Tre Martelli
40 years anniversary concert
Teatro Ambra
Alessandria - Italy

04 December 2017 - h:21.00
Birkin Tree
Cinema Teatro Don Natale Leone
Albisola Superiore (SV) - Italy

17 December 2017 - h:17.00
Tre Martelli
Auditorium Gambarina Museum
Alessandria - Italy

23 December 2017 - h:21.00
Liguriani & Mario Pirovano
“Invexendo de Natale”
Teatro Sociale di Camogli
Camogli (GE) - Italy

27 December 2017 - h:21.30
Melech Mechaya
Tivoli BBVA
Lisbon - Portugal

29 December 2017 - h:21.30
Melech Mechaya
Casa da Música
Porto - Portugal

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