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GAMBETTA Filippo - Stria

Fy 8026

Dunya Records
1 CD

First recording as leader by FILIPPO GAMBETTA, young descendent of a great music family, who shows immediately to be more than a simple promise of the Italian Roots Music scene.
Virtuoso of the melodeon, difficult but fascinating and rich of possibilities instrument, GAMBETTA and his group STRIA (Mariana Carli, cello; Francesco Denini, violin; Claudio de Angeli, guitar) offer us a very personal approach to his musical interests. A journey that start from his homeland, Liguria, first source of inspiration for his music to continue through other lands rich of creativity and flavors.
Student of the great Italian master of melodeon Riccardo Tesi, GAMBETTA has brought his instrument in several different musical situations. Thanks to his personal and refined technique on an instrument with three bass rows / 12 basses, GAMBETTA plays a music that mixes the tradition of Liguria and the rhythmic and harmonic styles of the Balkans, the French touch with the Mediterranean sense of melody with influences by the contemporary classical music sounds.
Member of the Ensemble Taraffo (with Carlo Aonzo, Beppe Gambetta and Martino Coppo), collaborator of Max Manfredi, GAMBETTA has composed and performed music for theatre, took part to several music project with the Genoa based group Echo Art. Further more GAMBETTA has taken part to several musical tours on his own in Italy and Europe, and has toured United States with his father Beppe Gambetta.
Stria ("witch" in Genoa dialect) will surely astonish the listener for the freshness and the inventiveness of the music but also for the compositions and arrangements that demonstrates a strong future for the young GAMBETTA.
MARIANA CARLI graduated at the Conservatory of Genoa in cello and composition, performer usually with orchestras and chamber music groups as well as with more jazz oriented group such as Armando Corsi band.
CLAUDIO DE ANGELI, student with Armando Corsi and Beppe Gambetta, has a deep knowledge of flatpicking technique; he plays regularly with the Irish music group Common Mor.
FRANCESCO DENINI, graduated at the Conservatory of Alessandria in violin, plays with Irish, Balkans and Jazz bands, among the others with the Factory Orchestra, conducted by sax master and composer Claudio Lugo, Coul'win Pipe Consort and 'Orchestra Bailamme. He is studying composition with Sylvano Bussotti.

"What strikes me most about Filippo is the naturalness of his playing, his fluid phrasing but I think his best quality is the way he puts his considerable technique at the service of the emotion he wants to express, which is the sign of a great musician."
Riccardo Tesi

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Filippo Gambetta melodeon
Mariana Carli cello
Francesco Denini violin
Claudio de Angeli guitar
Corrado Giacomel violin
Federico Foglia percussion
Edmondo Romano musette
Federico Bagnasco double-bass
Stefano Rolli hurdy-gurdy
Orchestra Regionale Ligure of plucked instruments conducted by Carlo Aonzo.


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