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GAMBETTA Filippo - Pria Goaea
Pria Goaea

Fy 8052

Dunya Records
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FILIPPO GAMBETTA's new record Pria Goaea, the much awaited follow-up to his acclaimed 1999 debut is now available. The album is at once a reconfirmation of the young Genoese melodeon player's amazing talent and a further demonstration of his capacity for invention enabling him to go much further than simply retread traditional standards from back home. Most of the tracks on Pria Goaea are in fact penned by GAMBETTA himself, pieces that freely range across the most disparate styles from ethnic to contemporary classical, making excellent use of the material to hand, partly thanks to the finely measured intensity of the numerous guest musicians who contributed to the album.

An absolute master of his instrument (which has a three-rows and twelve basses) FILIPPO GAMBETTA, son of a musician (his father Beppe is a virtuoso «flatpicking» guitarist much appreciated overseas) has a deep knowledge of European folk traditions, and Pria Goaea shows him to be not just another young hope on the ethnofolk scene but among the front rank of Italian musicians and composers.

Accompanied by a trio formed by acoustic guitarist Claudio de Angeli (whose playing on "Stria" was much appreciated) and bassist Riccardo Barbera, enriched on various tracks by prestigious guests (among whom, Oliver Schroer, Piero Ponzo, Alessio Pisani, Fabio Vernizzi, Sandra Wong, Beppe Gambetta), FILIPPO GAMBETTA conducts the listener through what results to be a highly personal sonic diary, a fantastic voyage that takes off from old Maria's Genoa trattoria setting to music the dreams, visions, encounters, and experiences both past and present of an artist continually in search of intelligent new ways to open himself to the potentials of his surroundings.

Taking in an even wider territory than Stria, his new record is an occasion for tapping into a project woven from myriad musical threads, stitched together with great artistry and sensitivity. A series of fragments that come to constitute a mosaic of almost perfect beauty. On an instrument as unyielding as the diatonic melodeon GAMBETTA'S virtuosity is astounding for the way he harnesses a plethora of fertile musical ideas to nine tracks rich in original, unpredictable turns while staying firmly anchored to his music making roots.

FILIPPO GAMBETTA has an amazing number of musical collaborations under his belt with among others the Ensemble Taraffo (alongside Carlo Aonzo, Beppe Gambetta and Martino Coppo), Max Manfredi, Echo Art, Bandabandiani, Harmoniraptus, Raccontarsuonando, Comunn Mor, as well as an intensive concert schedule that has seen him play at the prestigious festival and venues

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Filippo Gambetta melodeon
Claudio de Angeli acoustic guitar
Riccardo Barbera double bass

Simona Barbera voice
Marco Fadda percussion
Beppe Gambetta acoustic guitar
Alessio Pisani bassoon
Piero Ponzo clarinet
Oliver Schroer electric violin
Fabio Vernizzi piano
Sandra Wong nychelharp.

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