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EntreveraDOS is a sincere tribute to the music of Argentina, the land of origin of Horacio and Carlos.
Their mutual understanding is quite natural since the first chords of a touching zamba, one of the favorite rhythms of the two artists, and yet one of the most striking rhythms of the Argentine Northwest. And then comes "El duende" and magic takes shape, the inspiration leads them to sail between a milonga, a chacarera, a gato, a tango ... All melodies from the Argentine tradition, performed on a spontaneous and simple interplay between guitar and double bass . The result is music that comes straight to the heart, of simple listening, intimate, melancholic, inspired and respectful of tradition, with a very personal touch, full of exuberant expressiveness and stylistic modernity, worthy of careful listening.

There's nothing smaller than duo, as musical formation, for being sometimes so intimate and narrow, and able to generate a special alchemy, that draw a much wider and more varied imaginary. The soul of "EntreveraDOS" was born in Córdoba - Argentina, the native land of Carlos "el tero" Buschini and where Horacio Burgos (from Buenos Aires) lives. That's why their flowing music intensely perfumes of Argentina’s land.
That is recognizable in each street-corner of this city : through the unmistakable common breath, rhythms, harmonies and the construction of the melodic lines.
But there is something more in a second walk through the city : a blossoming of modernity that paint a new face to an already colorful tradition of zambas, milongas, chacareras and tangos. Travel, remoteness and nostalgia walk side by side.
Horacio and Carlos wander around the world with their instruments, find themselves behind the stages, promising to do something together.
And finally, on the quiet shores of Lago d'Orta, alchemy takes shape, a concert, a recording, spontaneous fruit, typical of those fleeting adventures, and therefore voracious and authentic.
Tasty nectar, which is not only a day's work on open microphones at a recording studio in Milan , but the artwork of decades of parallel notes, whose sinuous lines converge happily on this recording.
Claudio Farinone



1. La Llamadora 4:35
2. Milonga de un entrevero 4:16
3. Gateando 3.32
4. La Yuyera 4:05
5. Tu 4:26
6. Zamba para Leon 3:28
7. Un tal Lucas 3:19
8. Vendras 5:07
9. Matilda 4:16
10. Zamba del Trovador 4:24
11. Cancion de Sara 3:32


Horacio Burgos :classic guitar
Carlos "el tero" Buschini : double bass, bass, bombo
Julio Paz : bombo (3,4,7)
Minino Garay : cajon (9,10)


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