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VILLANI Lucio  - Nightbreed, Blue Tales
Nightbreed, Blue Tales

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LUCIO VILLANI’s name might be familiar among the followers of Orchestra Coco. Singer bass player, bandleader with different projects, LUCIO VILLANI now returns in a solo project, a recording of songs seeking silence and intimacy. Essential sounds between double bass and voice in a solitary, not lonely, performance.

The intention is to tell, respectfully, stories and moods suggested by the blues. Spirituals, classics, favourites, ballads and work-songs, sometimes originals, looking for what is hidden behind the words from a careful choice of authors. Thinking about history and telling stories.
First disc of a solo project, Nightbreed, Blue Ttales, is a record for nighttime listening, a solo flight of storytelling in the blues tradition.

An upright bass, a voice and an hour of songs, expanding time.
These songs will bring you into Lucio’s night, a night made of rhythms and whispers, to find intimacy and closeness in the dark. a
kindred soul pays him a visit: MARCO PANDOLFI with its harmonica.

Bass player and blues lover. Along the years Lucio has been traveling through Europe, playing and recording with great musicians such Sugar Ray Norcia, Mark Du Fresne, Junior Watson, Mitch Woods, Richard-Ray Farrell, Gordon Beadle, Maurizio Pugno, Lynwood Slim, Igor Prado, Luke Winslow-King, Enrico Crivellaro, Marco Pandolfi.

some opinions...
LUCIO VILLANI, Master Bass player adapt at styles from low down Roots music to sofisticated Jazz and everything between. On his debut CD He does a bit of both (by the way by himself) no small feat. To me it has the Smokey feel of the Beatnick era while at times taking you forward to now and beyond. Lucio does all this with a verve that can't be denied. Hope you dig as much as I did. Thank you,
Junior Watson

Master bassist LUCIO VILLANI digs down deep in the blues. I have had the pleasure of working with Lucio when he joins my band on tour in Europe. Excellent music from a talented bassist.
Mitch Woods

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Lucio Villani, double bass and vocals
Marco Pandolfi, harmonica


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