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Female acappella quintet Actores Alidos presents the special repertoire of Sardinian women. They represent a valuable social role in the community and the songs have many uses : lull the sleep of children, celebrate religious rites, protect from illnesses, give rhythm to their work, drive out fear of loneliness …
Excellent guests in the album : Sainkho Namtchylak (voice), Ambrogio Sparagna (melodeon), Tenores di Bitti (“a tenore” chant), Raffaello Simeoni(sax, synt, whistle), Redi Hasa (cello) and Orlando Mascia (launeddas, flute, jews harp).

"Galanìas" in Sardinia means beautiful and precious things. Actores Alidos Quintet,
led by Valeria Pilia,dedicates this musical project to the preciousness of singing culture of Sardinian women.

The song of the women, appreciated for its beauty and harmonious interpretation and especially for the valuable social role in the community, covering accompanies all stages of life, from birth to death.
The Sardinian women sang not by need but by deep discovery: lull the sleep of children, celebrate religious rites, protect from illnesses, accompany the dead in their latest trip, but also to give rhythm to their work, drive out fear of loneliness, entertain children, summon and fans love unburden their daily work with playful verses.
Polyphonic arrangements by Valeria Pilia, are performed a cappella by the five voices and sounds are sometimes embellished with various traditional instruments or simple objects of domestic work.
To further enhance this work, Galanìas relies on the participation of some guests -Sainkho Namtchylak, Ambrogio Sparagna, Tenores di Bitti, Raffaello Simeoni, Redi Hasa and Orlando Mascia – who, with their particular vocal and instrumental skill, gave an even more original breath to the sound of Actores Alidos.

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Actores Alidos :
Valeria Pilia, Elisa Marongiu, Manuela Ragusa, Roberta Locci, Valeria Parisi - voices
Guests :
Sainkho Namtchylak - voice
Ambrogio Sparagna - melodeon
Tenores di Bitti - "a tenore" singing
Raffaello Simeoni - voice, soprano sax, synt, whistle
Redi Hasa - cello
Orlando Mascia - launeddas, triangle, sulittu, jews harp


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