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AGUIAR Beatriz - Nomade
AGUIAR Beatriz

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This new production of BEATRIZ AGUIAR encompasses her musical influences ranging from Latin America and Spain to the lands of southern Italy, Sicily, and Sardinia. As well, it embodies the fascinating journey of the Eastern European and Arab music brought by the gypsies, the early music of the African slaves, and that of emigrants. In using her own compositions, as well as some from celebrated composers such as the poet Antonio Mura Ena and Andrea Parodi from Sardegna, Beatriz has fused an engaging mix of styles and genres where passion, myths, and legends are a point of encounter.

« … the new continent was permeated with the sounds of the Mediterranean and gypsy laments from east to west. These, infused with the rhythm and potency of African blood and the indigenous myths, converged at the birth of a new world; the young and beautiful, Latinamerica … ».
With a fantastic interpretation BEATRIZ AGUIAR carries her music with tons of passion and warmth. The project has the participation of Cuban pianist Ramon Valle , Leonardo Amuedo on guitar and Filippo Gambetta from Itay on diatonic accordion.

BEATRIZ AGUIAR is one of the most popular Latin singers in Holland. Born in Montevideo Uruguay, singer and composer, she has participated in several projects and studio sessions in Holland, New York and Cuba. She joined projects together with famous artists. She has recorded in New York with Adalberto Santiago, for David Rothchild’s CD Looking up.
Recorded on Laura Fygi’s The Latin Touch.
In 2001, in La Havana Cuba, she recorded a duet with the world famous Cuban singer Isaac Delgado, for Rumbata’s Patria y Bandera CD. In 2000 she sang with Yolanda Rivera, the famous Puertorican singer from Sonora Poncea, and the legend MeÒique from Panama, during the festival Toros y Salsa in Dax, France. In 2005 she performed at the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. Her last solo CD «Mi Cancion», has been released by the Dutch label Connecting Culture in 2006.

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AGUIAR Beatriz - Nomade


1- La Otra Orilla 2:26
2- Astrolicamus 5:54
3- Por las Ramas 2:05
4- Manzanilla 3:22
5- Oracion 1:32
6- Si Fuera 2:19
7- Una palabra vive 3:08
8- El niño 3:39
9- Amor 2:55
10- Dame 3:45
11- El Bailarin de los Montes 2:47
12- El tragico naufragio de la nave Sirio 3:00
13- Ululu Bambo 3:00
14- Lamento 1:26

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