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TEYMUROVA Nazaket - Mugham

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Mughamat (plural of mugham) is the classical heritage of Azerbaijani traditional musical culture declared by UNESCO a “masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of the world” (2003). It has preserved its archaic musical language till present. Mugham is distinguished by emotional sophistication. In some writings it is introduced as “the art of emotional states”. Its artistic idea is, indeed, to express the subtlest emotional states of the human soul in their great diversity.

The art of mughamat is inseparable from Azerbaijani classical poetry and from the Aruz, an old Eastern quantitative system of versification.
The Mugham may be performed as a vocal-instrumental cyclic composition, or as a solo instrumental piece played on almost the all of traditional musical instruments. Solo instrumental mugham came in Azerbaijani musical practice in the beginning of the 20th century.
Mugham performing demands exceptional musical memory and ear from the musician to keep in mind the whole mugham repertoire, and the ability to improvise, that is, a certain composer gift. Many of performers are known as authors of such traditional (measured) pieces as Tasnif, Reng and Deramed. The mughams are not subjected to new creation now; nevertheless, the performer is free to improvise within the frames of certain mode and music vocabulary. Depending on his/her knowledge, musical memory and the duration given, performer can reduce or expand the composition, give different emotional nuances to the music, and vary the melody in an individual way, however, keeping its key-modal structure and key- melodic formulas.

NEZAKET TEYMUROVA (1972) was born in Agdam district (Azerbaijan). She matriculated into musical school after Asaf Zejnalli and during 1991-1995 studied in the class of Nariman Aliyev. For receiving higher education in 1995 she enrolled Azerbaijan State Conservatory to a class of folk artist and Professor Arif Babayev. In the same year she entered the Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Her first role was Leyli in Leyli and Mejnun opera. Moreover, she performed in the role of Shakhsenem in Ashiq Qerib, Gulbahar in Gelin Qayasi, and singer in Natavan, Vaqif and Koroglu operas. For the achievements brought to the cultural life of the country in 2000 she was awarded the status of Honored artist and in 2005- the status of Folk Artist of Azerbaijan.
She took part in touring trips to such countries as Germany, USA, Korea, Hungary, France, Turkey, Iran and Switzerland. Today she is a soloist of Theatre of Opera and Ballet. She teaches the lessons of mugham in National Conservatory and Musical College.

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TEYMUROVA Nazaket - Mugham


Nazaket Teymurova (vocal)
Aliaqa Sadiyev (tar)
Elnur Mikayilov (kamancha)
Shirzad Fataliyev (balaban)
Kamran Karimov (naqara )
Elshan Mansurov (kamancha)
Husameddin Azizov (drone naqara)
Eyvaz Hashimov (qosha naqara)
Chinara Mutallibova (kanun)
Qalib Hashimov (ud)

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