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GAI SABER - Angels Pastres Miracles
Angels Pastres Miracles

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Angels Pastres Miracles is a collection of chants selected from the «Novés Occitani», the traditional chants performed and represented, especially in Provence, during the Christmas period in the Occitan areas of Italy.
In these popular songs, often inspired by the apocryphal Gospel’s fascinating tales and presented during Christmas Eve since medieval times, you can find the straightforwardness of the countrymen in recreating the mystery of Nativity and their immense faith in the divine Providence ever protecting, comforting and helping the oppressed ones. This interpretation of GAI SABER of the Novés Occitani refers to the diverse todays and yesterdays popular music influences, always aware of people’s cultures blending.

GAI SABER is a group born in the Occitan cultural and linguistic area, which is the Piedmont’s valleys area, where Langue d’Oc is spoken. The name stems from an ancient poetic challenge among the literates of the XIV century. Lyrics and music are inspired by the extremely rich oral tradition and the Occitan dances. Since 1992 the aim of the groups has been keeping traditional Occitan music united with medieval troubadours lyrics and today’s music. Right next to the traditional musical instruments (ghironda, organetto/accordion, wind pipe, flutes) GAI SABER brings in modern and overall electronic instruments, while arrangements refer to various aspects of contemporary music.
Throughout the years the group participated to several festivals and shows in Italy and abroad (Strictly Mundial in Marseille, Tsjochfestival in Holland, Les Suds in Arles-France, Ariano Folk Festival, Rotte Mediterranee at Forte in Exilles (Torino), Mescolanze in Rovereto, ...)

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GAI SABER - Angels Pastres Miracles
GAI SABER - Electroch
GAI SABER - Esprit de Frontiera
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