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MORESCA La - Ammore, Trivolo, Currivo E Devozione (vota la rota de la vita mia…)
Ammore, Trivolo, Currivo E Devozione (vota la rota de la vita mia…)

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LA MORESCA is back. This group from Campania, well known for its artistic value, returns to the attention of its audience after a long pause. Ammore, trivolo, currivo e devozione (undertitled vota la rota de la mia vita… e s’avota la rota n’auta vota) is the title of their new work, conceived eight years after the brilliant Senza cchiù terra. Thanks to the artist direction of Rosario Del Duca, the group composed of Alfredo Notarloberti (violin), Fabio Roselli (darbouka, djembé, percussions, zarb), Giovanni Migliaccio (vocals, classic guitar, flamenco and battente, mandolin, bass, bouzouki, tammorre, tamburello, djembé), Paolo Di Giorgio (, classic guitar and battente, oud, mandoloncello), Salvatore Zeno (flute, octavin, ciaramella), Tilde Punzo and Vittorio Acone (vocals) presents us with a wide panorama on the music tradition deeply rooted in their region, with appropriate Mediterranean hints. As the title of the album evokes, the work will be divided in four chapters and three interludes.
The first chapter is dedicated to Love, here represented by adolescence love (Ajeri sera virietti roi stelle), as well as maternal Love (La ninna ri la ria), to finish off with Burlata a satirical composition on sexual Love.
The chapter on love tribulations follows: a lament for the violated land, attempts to keep hurting away (on the tunes of a Gipsy Arab Dance Danza Araba sung in Spanish), the desperation of an imprisoned woman (Dint’a a la Vicaria, a composition of the 19th century). It’s the turn of Rage now: for mistreated freedom and for the betrayal of a beautiful woman that wed a rich a man. A rage that turns into hatred as perfectly expressed in the composition freely inspired from Cecco Angiolieri sonnet S’i’ fosse fuoco.
The journey ends with a homecoming, among irony and gravity, sacred, sanctity and wisdom, concepts that LA MORESCA is able to breathe life into, always in a tangible, popular and “democratic” way, far from institutionalised rituals and superstitions.
Ammore, trivolo, currivo e devozione is a sort of concept-album, that does not forget its past yet is soaked with reality (as the improvisation of Marcello Colasurdo “Traditor“ indicates ), that knows how to intertwine significant lyrics and music often close to perfection.

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MORESCA La - Ammore, Trivolo, Currivo E Devozione (vota la rota de la vita mia…)
MORESCA La - Saracenia
MORESCA La - Senza cchiu terra


L’ensemble de “La Moresca”:
­Alfredo Notarloberti -violin
­Fabio Roselli - darbouka, djembé, percussion, zarb
­Giovanni Migliaccio - voice, classical guitar, flamenco guitar, chitarra battente, mandolin, bass, bouzouki, tammorre, frame drums, djembé
­Paolo Di Giorgio - classical guitar, chitarra battente, oud, mandoloncello
­Salvatore Zeno - fluto, recorder, ottavino, ciaramella
­Tilde Punzo - voice

special guests
Marcello Colasurdo - voice
Francesco Migliaccio - accordeon

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