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STONE Carl - Exusiai

Fy 7016
Newtone Records
USA Stati Uniti
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Exusiai is the music that Carl STONE wrote for the Japanese choreographer and performer Akira Kasai.
As Carl STONE writes in the linear notes of the CD, Exusiai, thematically, is a dance about the special kind of life-force that exists in the inorganic matter of the mineral. An example of this life force would be a crystal, which in a way grows inside of a rock-crystal or tourmaline. As a mineral life-force, it contrasts in opposition to the biological life-force such as in plants. An object that is "dead" organically can in fact be alive from the viewpoint of Exusiai.
Structurally, the dance piece Exusiai is 90 minutes in length and consists of 6 ensemble sections alternating with 6 solo sections, danced by Mr..Kasai himself, several of which were silent. For the solo sections, Mr. Kasai and I agreed that ideally there would be a musical continuity throughout, rather simple sounds so that the audience could have the premonition of the continuance of mineral life. In contrast, each of the ensemble sections would have their own unique sound and approach, embodied by their titles.
The final result is very organic.

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STONE Carl - Exusiai
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