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BROtheRS The - Walking in the desert of dreams cd
BROtheRS The
Walking in the desert of dreams cd

Nt 6741
Newtone Records
Only Digital

Walkin' in the Desert of Dreams, two walks in the land of Ambient and EthnoTrance.
After many years as composers, performers and producers of other artists recordings the two members of the BROtheRS jointed their forces and energy to give birth to this new project.
Inspired, but not too much, by the more recent English trends in electronic music, in the many forms it assumes, techno, ambient, trance or one of the many other faces it takes, in this first releases the BROtheRS worked, mainly, on the ethnic sources of the music.
With a complex work of sampling and live recordings the group produced a long walk, in the long version the piece last almost thirty minutes, in a land full of meteorites and rockets but also of natural sounds and spirits. The music, since the two musicians are first of all composers rich of memories and dreams.
Based on the beat of the trance music of North Africa the track alternates musical areas very different. Surely on the BROtheRs was very influencing "Blue Room" by ORB, but hear the music is more repetitive and iterative, stressing the possibility of the music to modify the state of counscioussness.
The CD, a single of 35 minutes, contains two versions of the same track; one, long walk, for a more meditative and relaxed listening, for the long walks in the nature; a second, short walk, for a listening more casual, radio, cars, a short excursion in the imagination before going back to the daily stream of life.

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BROtheRS The - Walking in the desert of dreams cd


(Paolo Modugno - Marco Rosano) samples - phone answering machines
Stefano Saletti guitars
Terry Michael voices


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