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GAMBETTA Beppe & CRARY Dan - Synergia

Fy 8044
Dunya Records
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An exceptional live document recorded during a lengthy European tour by the guitar duo GAMBETTA and CRARY in January 2000, Synérgia brings together a fine sequence of diverse pieces, which the Italian-American duo perform in great style. According to the artists the idea came to them recalling the concerts that another celebrated duo Doc & Merle Watson gave with great success during the 70s. Doc Watson was probably the first guitarist to develop the flatpicking style which subsequently spread throughout the world.
Synérgia thus delves deeply into the musical terrain of rural America. But GAMBETTA & CRARY don't just limit themselves to revisiting blues and country standards. The album wouldn't be complete without an homage to the music of Italy, both from the popular (L'iride) and songwriter traditions (the famous De André song Creuza de Mä) as well as an amusing jaunt into classical territory (Mozart in Hell).
Impeccable technique plus the ability to create a warm, intimate atmosphere are the weapons GAMBETTA & CRARY use song after song to captivate the audience who on Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms sing back in almost perfect unison. With numerous highly successful tours under their belt on both sides of the Atlantic, GAMBETTA & CRARY know how to set a room on fire with the passion that has always been part of their playing.

Beppe GAMBETTA is undoubtedly the finest exponent of the flatpicking style in Europe. It was he who introduced the style to the old continent during the 1980s adding his own particular brand of creativity and invention. This coupled with an extensive knowledge of traditional Italian folk music has made him a guitar ambassador known and celebrated throughout the United States.
Dan CRARY is one of the greatest flatpickers tout court, boasting a forty year career that has seen him on stages all over the globe. His award-winning recordings have made him one of the most important roots music artists in the USA. Having reached the peak of his profession CRARY is not afraid to explore new musical avenues, extending his repertory and his already amazing track record.

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GAMBETTA Beppe & CRARY Dan - Synergia


1. International Concert Introductions 1.18
2. Huckleberry Hornpipe 2.42
3. Stories We Can Tell 3.07
4. Intro 0.48
5. Mozart In Hell 4.34
6. Intro 1.00
7. Nashville Blues 3.47
8. L'iride (Mazurka) 3.07
9. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms 4.24
10. Thunderation 3.26
11. Intro 0.16
12. Jimmie Brown The Newsboy 2.54
13. Creuza De Mä 5.42
14. Intro 1.11
15. Black Mountain Rag 2.49
16. Ain't No California 4.44
17. Intro 0.21
18. John Hardy 3.11
19. Banderilla 4.26
20. Incredible 2.00
21. Life's Railway To Heaven/Soldier's Joy 6.00
22. Freeborn Man 4.19


Beppe Gambetta guitar, voice
Dan Crary guitar, voice
Carlo Aonzo mandolin (in L'iride)

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